Simply spoken, it is only fair to charge someone when a service is performed.

We believe that it is illogical to charge a percentage of the rents as a management fee. It seems more fair to our owners (and frankly, to us) if we charge for the work we do. Managing an expensive home is not more trouble than managing an inexpensive home. The work is about the same, regardless of the rent being charged.

The basic workload of staying in touch with owners, being available to tenants, collecting rent, keeping records and paying owners is worth, we think, a flat fee. Not ten percent, not twelve percent. A flat fee.

There are other services that we provide, and when we do, we think that OWNERS THINK it is fair that we charge for them. So, if an owner wants hard copy statements and a check, instead of an email and an electronic check, we charge a little extra. Similarly, when an owner wants inspections of vacant properties, or special advertising, they do not mind paying for those services.

Basic Property Management - $135.00 per month for rentals of $1,500.00 or less; $150.00 per month for rentals of over $1,500.00. Includes: Collection of rents, monthly owner's statements delivered by email, owner's payment delivered by electronic check.

Tenant approval and leasing service - one half of the first month's rent, with a minimum lease term of 12 months unless the owner authorizes a shorter lease.

Advertising of vacant properties online and with signage is free.

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