Want to Keep Your Home?

If You Want to Hold on to Your Real Estate, We Can Help!

You may have tried to sell your home, only to discover that you can't because your mortgage is too high.

You might foresee a need to return to the area in a few years.

You might have inherited a home and need to make income from it while you work out the other details.

There are many reasons for converting a personal home into a rental property.

But, there are two huge economic reasons to hang on to your real estate:

  • Mortgages gradually pay down; and
  • Property values almost always go up.

When you put those two together, you create equity. And there is only one way to do that without paying for it yourself: LET A TENANT PAY FOR IT FOR YOU.

We have watched as "reluctant investors" (those folks who rented out their homes because they really had no other choice) turned a certain loss into a strong profit. We have seen folks start out slowly, and build large and profitable portfolios of rental property. We have seen skeptics become believers. We know real estate, we love real estate, and we have devoted our lives to its sale and management. And we know that the folks who hang on to it almost always profit from it.

We are experts at this. We know the best ways to buy, finance, lease, maintain, manage, and ultimately sell real estate. And we offer this expertise to you at a very affordable price. There is no charge for our consultation. We can evaluate your house, estimate its probable rent, and place in front of you a proposal on how you can keep your piece of this beautiful planet.

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